"Nothing more excellent nor more
valuable than wine was ever granted
mankind by God."

- PLATO (429-347 B.C.)

Minnesota Wine Trivia

    David A. Bailly, founder of Alexis Bailly Vineyard, aspired to
        make a great Minnesota wine. French winemakers have long
        held that in order to produce great wine, the grapevines must
        endure hardship - wind, sleet, snow, and drought.
        Enthusiastically, Bailly adopted the motto, "Where the grapes
        can suffer."

    In August of 2005, Minnesota's very first AVA was approved
        and established as "Alexandria Lakes Viticultural Area" in
        Douglas County. Robert Johnson on behalf of Carlos Creek
        Winery filed the petition for the area. "This approval will put
        Minnesota on the map as a wine producing state," said
        Johnson. "The Viticultural Area puts Minnesota on the same
        level of official recognition as that of Napa or Sonoma areas in

    July 22, 2009 the Upper Mississippi River Valley AVA is
        established and becomes the largest wine region in the
        world. Spanning portions of four states including Minnesota;
        it is 39 times the size of Napa Valley!

    "Minneapolis lies at the same latitude as the Bordeaux region
        of France (45 degrees North) and several hundred miles
        farther south than the great Rheingau region of Germany.
        As in these regions, the summers in south-central Minnesota
        are well suited to grape vines -- sunny, warm, and with
        ample rainfall. Also, we too have an abundance of good
        vineyard sites, withrolling hills and bluffs along rivers
        and lakes."
                              --Northern Vineyards Winery

Minnesota's Award Winning Wines

   Minnesota's history with grapes and winemaking spans more
   than 150 years. There are more than 60 wineries and
   600 vineyards across the state producing internationally award-
   winning wines — thanks in part to five cold-hardy grape varieties
   developed by the University of Minnesota’s wine grape program.
   See the wineries' web sites for more award-winning wines in the
   gold, silver, and bronze categories.

Honorable Mention

   St. Croix Vineyard's Raspberry Infusion wine received this
   acknowledgement from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "This
   massive dessert wine begs to be consumed with chocolate."

   WineHaven Winery of Chisago, MN received rave reviews in 2005
   for its Riesling in Wine Spectator magazine, USA Today called
   WineHaven a "notable producer" and WineHaven's popular gold
   medal Honeywine was featured as a "top pick" on the Fine Living
   Network's television show Simply Wine with Andrea Immer.

   Forestedge Winery received national and international medals in
   2007 for it's Chokecherry wine, twice for Rhubarb/Raspberry Wine
   and again, their Rhubarb Wine.

   Alexis Bailly 2005 release of "Voyageur" exemplifies opulent
   flavors that evolve with blending of the grapes from original
   vines and the newer University of MN developed Frontenac
   grape. With the recent award of Best Wine of North America
   and Central America as well as Best in Class at The
   International Vino Challenge, "Voyageur" represents the full
   potential of how great wines can be made in Minnesota.

   Morgan Creek Vineyards of Cambria, MN collaborated with
   FireLake Grill House and the U of M to develop FireLake's
   new house wine, Ten Thousand Vines. Released in March 2009,
   this signifies the first commercial offering of the new U of M
   Marquette varietal, observed as a grape with great wine making

   Falconer vineyards is awarded the prestigious Governor's Cup
   for their Frontenac Port at the first International Cold Climate
   Wine Competition, held August 2009 in St. Paul. More recently,
   their Frontenac Rosé won "Rosé Wine of the Year" at the 2015
   Indy International Wine Competition!

" Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized."

- Andre Simon

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