"Wine makes daily living easier,
less hurried, with fewer tensions
and more tolerance."

-Benjamin Franklin

Your Wine Tour Package


   Set Up Your Tour:

   Using the "Set Up Your Tour" link on the main page, customers
   are able to provide the basic information that is needed to plan
   their tour. Information entered is delivered to our e-mail system.

   Your Personalized Wine Tour Itinerary:

   Your personalized wine tour itinerary will contain history and
   interesting information pertaining to the vineyards, restaurants,
   and lodging facilities. Tasting and tour prices are also provided.

   When your wine tour itinerary has been prepared, it will be
   delivered to your e-mail address. Then the tour information can
   easily be shared with your entire tour group.

   Your Overnight and Dining Reservations

   Upon receiving your request, lodging, dinning, and optional
   limousine reservations are researched. We will notify you of our
   findings to complete the reservations.

   Your Maps and Directions:

   Maps and directions are provided for you entire tour including,
   directions from departing location and directions between

   Your Vineyard Tour Tasting Notes:

   Vineyard tour tasting notes are a handy way to make notes of
   your favorite vineyards and wines.

   Your Referral Reward:

   When we receive a new customer through your referral, you will
   be notified to select your referral thank you gift.

   Your Tour Payment:

   Payments are received through PayPal on-line payment system
   or by personal check. Credit cards accepted are VISA,
   MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

   Customized Tour Fees:

   The base price for our service is $55.00. Fee per person is
   $5.00. Example: Tour package price for a group of 6 people is
   $85.00. These fees do not include lodging, dining, limousine,
   tastings, and vineyard hosted tours.

   A tour price estimate will be provided after your tour request
   is received. Instructions will also be provided for payment

   Cancellation Policy:

   Customer should notify Vintage Ventures if a cancellation of the
   scheduled tour is necessary at least 72 hours prior to the tour

   After the itinerary has been provided to the customer, then a
   new tour date can be substituted as chosen by the customer.
   No refunds are allowed for our service fees.

   For tours that include overnight accommodations, the
   cancellation policy for the overnight stay is determined by the
   company that offers room and board.

   For vineyard and riverboat tours, changes to the date of
   reservation can not be made once this tour is reserved.
   No refunds permitted.

   When cancellations are necessary for large group tours, a
   pro-rated service fee will be required as described in the
   authorized proposal.

"Everyone had an awesome time and we
really appreciate you making it a special
day for us."

- Sean Smith

"Our event yesterday went perfectly! Thank you for all your help. This was simple and easy to plan as you did all the leg work arranging everything."

- Amy Fouks

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